Robert Gormley

Robert Gormley is currently Chief Essentialist of Continuous Quality for SQS USA (the world’s largest pure play QA services company) where he focuses on executive level total quality management strategy through efficient and effective testing leveraging test automation and global service capabilities. He has worked for 15+ years in Quality Assurance and has worked his way up through the ranks in areas such as finance, healthcare, retail, security, wearables, and IoT. From his early days to present day, Robert’s focus has always been on creating lean, agile processes that allow organizations to produce quality software that meets customer needs. Robert has focused on Agile testing for the past 8+ years and has become a certified scrum master. Leveraging his Master’s in Education, Robert has passionately trained and mentored all types of resources (regardless of title or function) in the ways of Total Quality.

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