Jeremy Berriault

Jeremy Berriault has been within the testing discipline for approximately 25 years within the Canadian Banking industry. It all began while working for a call-in helpdesk while going to university. Management saw his ability to find errors within the call tracking tool and assigned him to work as a User Acceptance Tester during the later stages of tool enhancements. After graduation, management requested that he apply to tester openings within the organization. Within a month he was hired as a junior tester for a large transaction switch system. It was not long until his ability to understand and ensure systems are effectively tested he was leading testing initiatives within projects. Years past and his testing knowledge, along with leadership skills, have allowed him to manage larger projects and programs that spanned across multiple lines of business and outside partners. The next logical step was to run a testing department. Jeremy shares his knowledge and experiences with his team to ensure all initiatives are successful. Jeremy has worked on his MBA where he completed in the spring of 2013. A major component of completing the MBA program was to complete a research project involving a major issue that plagues a work place or industry. Using what was taught over the program he completed a research project on the attitudes and views Business and Testing groups have for each other. Providing potential reasoning as to why each group could think the way they do and solutions to help resolve them. Jeremy’s main drive is to help bring attention to the value Testing groups can bring to an organization. Not just within providing assurance of quality software but to also how it could bring financial and efficiency benefits across the organization.

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