Unit Testing: Why and How QA Can Get Involved

As companies “shift left” and “flip the Quality triangle”, unit testing is becoming the most critical aspect of software quality. However, Quality Assurance teams traditionally have not been highly involved in unit testing, as it has always been viewed as part of development providing QA with minimal visibility into those activities. Furthermore, many QA team members feel they are not technical enough to understand or assist in unit testing. How do we bridge the unit testing gaps with QA team members? Join David Dang as he explains the benefits of QA involvement in unit testing as well as how to identify the type of unit testing needed to ensure quality. Dive deeper into the benefits of unit testing on an organizational level such as reduced costs to fix bugs, improved cross team collaboration, higher ROI, and quicker product releases. Moreover, he explains the three levels of involvement (comprehending, defining, and authoring) for QA team members. David’s session will provide top insight into how you can better barter up your QA techniques to test smarter.

Unit Testing
Location: FieldDate: May 15, 2019Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am David Dang