Effective Test Strategies! Are They Meeting Stakeholder Needs?

We’ve all heard about strategic planning. It’s the preparation for battle plans or achieving goals. People talk about strategies when they want to change something or achieve something. So, when we talk about test planning and test strategies are we talking about the same thing? If we have a plan do we need a strategy? If we have a strategy do we need a test plan? In today’s market with the need for leaner, quicker and effective testing what are options to consider with regards to test strategy and test plan documentation. This session discusses test planning and test strategy development and suggests approaches for today’s testers and test managers tied to stakeholder needs. Key concepts discussed include test strategy and planning definitions and to-do’s, how to use test strategies as part of your testing, and feasible formats for documenting the strategy and plan. In the session the differences between a test strategy and test plan is discussed and how test strategies are aligned to a product and its risk. Learn how to apply these concepts within your organization.

Location: Louvre 1Date: May 16, 2019Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm Clyneice Chaney