Defining Testing Success Through Service Level Agreements

When testing is performed as a service provider, success must be measured in terms of what and how the customer obtains what they need.  Typically, the decision to consider a more service oriented approach to testing is made in the interest of lowering costs or more efficient use of labor, capital, technology or resources.  The direct impact is increased use of service levels and service level agreements (SLAs).  When developed and used correctly, SLAs can help ensure successful partnership between the service provider and the customer.  When developed and used incorrectly, SLAs can lead to poor results, dissatisfied customers, unhappy or discontented providers and failure to achieve good results. Join Clareiec and Clyneice to determine the pain points around your testing and align effective outcomes, measures, and service levels to more effectively define success.  The focus of this session is to discuss testing service levels and learn SLAs methodologies to define, develop and use service levels for ongoing performance analysis and management.


Location: Date: April 5, 2017 Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm Clyneice Chaney Clareice Chaney