* All dollar amounts are USD Regular Price Early Price
(Before Feb 17)
Early Savings
Combination Admission Items:
Manager’s Solutions Workshop, Three-Day Conference, & Exhibitor Expo 
(Monday thru Friday)

$2895 $2595 $300
Monday Class, Tuesday Tutorials, Three-Day Conference, & Exhibitor Expo 
(Monday thru Friday)
$2495 $2195 $300
Tuesday Tutorials, Three-Day Conference & Exhibitor Expo $2295 $2095 $200
Monday Class, Three-Day Conference & Exhibitor Expo $2295 $2095 $200
Two-Day CSTE Prep Class, Three-Day Conference & Exhibitor EXPO (Monday thru Friday) $2195 $1995 $200
Two-Day CSQA Prep Class, Three-Day Conference & Exhibitor EXPO (Monday thru Friday) $2195 $1995 $200
Single Admission Items:
Three-Day Conference & Exhibitor Expo (Wednesday thru Friday) $1945 $1745 $200
Two-Day Manager’s Solutions Workshop (Monday and Tuesday)
$1845 $1645 $200
Two-Day Class & Tutorials (Monday and Tuesday) $1595 $1395 $200
Two-Day CSQA Certification Prep Class (Monday & Tuesday) $695 $645 $50
Two-Day CSTE Certification Prep Class (Monday & Tuesday) $695 $645 $50
One Day Class Only (Monday) $895 $845 $50
One Day Tutorials Only (Tuesday) $895 $845 $50
One Day Conference & Exhibitor Expo (Wednesday) $695 $645 $50
One Day Conference & Exhibitor Expo (Thursday) $695 $645 $50
One Day Conference & Exhibitor Expo (Friday) $595 $545 $50

Ways to Save On Your Conference Registration

Registration Discount Rules

  • Individuals can take both the early discount plus the QAI Community or QUEST Past Attendee discounts together.
  • Group registration or sponsor/exhibitor discounts cannot be combined with other discounts.

Early Registration Discount:

Attendees who register early for QUEST 2016 in Chicago receive significant discounts on the price of each registration – up to $300 off for all 5 days. This limited time offer ends February 16, 2016.

QAI Community Discount

If you currently hold a QAI membership, are a member of a chapter within the QAI Global Community, and/or currently hold one of the QAI certifications listed below, you qualify for a 10% discount on the regular or early price.

Group Discount

Send your team! Pay for five delegates for the Three-Day Conference or more at the “Regular” price listed above and you will receive the sixth Three-Day conference registration free.

Methods of Payment

Register online and use one of the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card. You can use the secure online form to pay via credit card and receive an immediate REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION and RECEIPT via email. Please print out these pages when received and bring them with you to the Conference. Present them at the Registration Desk to pick up your badge and any course materials. Credit cards accepted include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.
  • Check. Fill out the online registration form. Print out the REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION and mail to Quality Assurance Institute with your payment. Online registrations that are mailed without payment will not be confirmed until payment is received. Print out these pages when received and bring them with you to the Conference. Present them at the Registration Desk to pick up your badge and any course materials.Please send REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION & payment to:
    QAI Global Institute
    5728 Major Blvd
    Suite 602
    Orlando, Florida 32819
  • Purchase Order. If you register using a P.O., you’ll be invoiced immediately for the registration amount. Payment must be received before your registration can be confirmed.

Registration Questions

For questions or assistance with your registration please contact:
Anna Zucker, Conference Manager
Canada and US: 1-866-724-6013 or 407-363-1111

Cancellation Policy

All payments must be received by QAI by April 7, 2016. Cancellations received between March 1, 2016 and March 31, 2016 are entitled to a 50% refund. NO REFUNDS are given for cancellations received after March 31, 2016. Substitutions are permitted without penalty, which may be done online by logging into your registration confirmation. Please contact for cancellation procedures and approval.