Risk-Based Testing Approaches for Hardware and Technologies Integration

The world of IoT grows by 30% each year and is expected to reach 25 billion devices by 2025. It’s just a matter of time before some of us will have to … get back to the past. Many of today’s testers will soon start their adventure with real hardware devices. This means more and more complicated integration with modern services and technologies like Amazon DRS, Alexa, Behavioral Recognition, vision processing, AI, ML and many more. Join Dawid Pacia as he discusses the main challenges for testers and what a tester should know before she or he enters the IoT testing game. Dawid will explain how to identify the testing risks within IoT and ways to mitigate them. He will specifically describe how the approach to testing changes within the IoT framework and what are the main challenges for future testers. All of these discussions framed in the context of pet cameras, snack launchers and lasers … in other words – IoP (Internet of Pets) world. All dogs and cats are warmly welcomed!

Location: Louvre 1Date: May 17, 2019Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am Dawid Pacia