Putting the UX Back in UI with Behavior-Driven Development

Demands for releasing software deployments frequently, managing infinite combinations of devices and creating standardization to increase velocity have put pressure on software teams to deliver the latest feature to users. Everywhere we look, software teams are turning to agile methodologies to increase speed but that should not come at the risk of a bad user experience. Behavior-driven development is a modern approach to software development that drives software teams to build applications with the end-user in mind and to marry UX with UI. BDD drives product teams to prioritize the user perspective, while continuously delivering value to users through frequent release cycles. Join Akshita Puram as she explores the multiple benefits and challenges to adopting this approach including finding defects earlier and often along with better collaboration across different roles. During this session, Akshita will explain why behavior-driven development is critical to creating great software and how designers to developers to QA teams can accelerate its adoption with the right practices and tools in place. She will also share a demonstration of a use case with BDD in UI test automation.

Location: FieldDate: May 15, 2019Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm Param Chopra