Production Stability: QA Role in “Strengthening Right”

Most QA organizations think of “shift left” but fail to focus on “strengthening right”. One common thing all test practitioners strive to achieve is mitigating risk for the production consumers through shift left strategies and testing early as possible. The challenge though is how to drive production stability at a time when our technical echo system is becoming increasingly complex creating large gaps between our existing test environments and real production systems. Join Shalla Goyal as she explains the key dimensions of testing in production that are necessary for production stability but ignored. She will explain why 24/7 monitoring/alerting alone is far from enough. She will share the key success factors to effectively conduct automated testing of applications in production like a real user. Shalla will describe how to leverage production incident patterns, establish enterprise process controls, and effectively use the combination of both application and infrastructure automated testing to drive production stability. Finally, she will describe how to institutionalize the patterns of technologies and standard categories of testing for each technology.

Production Testing
Location: FieldDate: May 17, 2019Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm Shalla Goyal