Preparing to Test in Production

As teams move to continuous delivery, testers need to change from the traditional approach of testing in pre-production environments only. This is especially true when the team goal is to have minimal manual interactions after the code is checked-in by Dev. The purpose of Mush Honda’s presentation is to discuss how existing test strategies should be revised, re-defined and prioritized by leveraging automation test tools, process automation tools and agile workflows. During the session, Mush will detail what infrastructure and Ops needs should be in place to promote testing in production as well as explaining what code revisions/features should be in place to promote testing in production. Mush will use a case study to illustrate the challenges that you may encounter and how the challenges can be addressed. He will discuss how to isolate test data from the ‘real’ data in production and how testing activities can be isolated to avoid introducing performance issues. Finally, he will make recommendations as to the activities that can be done in production and what testing activities should NOT occur in production.

Production Testing
Location: FieldDate: May 17, 2019Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am Mush Honda