Personas and User Stories: Testing from a User’s Perspective

How well do you know the users of the applications you test? Knowing your users is critical to customer-focused testing.  Personas open that window into your users’ world. Personas offer an immersion into your users’ characteristics, abilities and expectations of the application. By using personas and user value stories, testers can create a comprehensive, customer-centric test approach for functional, UX, performance, and mobile. Personas are a valuable test technique in virtually every methodology, especially in Agile and DevOps. In this workshop, Gerie Owen and Peter Varhol will demonstrate how to develop personas and user value stories and how to incorporate them into your test process. They will discuss different styles of personas and how each can be used most effectively. Using real-life examples, Peter and Gerie will delve into creating personas and user values stories and deriving test cases from them. Finally, they will provide tips on getting stakeholder acceptance on using personas and user value stories in testing.


Learning Objectives:

  • How personas affect and support decisions that testers/team need to make
  • How to create personas and user value stories
  • How to incorporate personas and user value stories in your test process

Location: Louvre 1Date: May 16, 2019Time: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Peter Varhol Gerie Owen