Intro to a Keyword Driven Framework

It is hard to find a good keyword framework that is free, easy to setup, use, scale and extend, yet there are huge benefits to using this valuable test tool. Using a keyword framework allows the simplicity of an excel interface for commands and results and the opportunity to let testers that are not programmers do effective automation.  In this session, Daniel Schiff will provide a basic keyword driven framework that reads about 10 commands (e.g. navigate, click, enter-text), has about 5 verify commands (e.g. verify text in a given html element), and writes results to an excel file. The framework is written in Java, and executes its tests using Selenium. To use this tool you should be familiar with HTML but no programming is necessary though Java will need to be installed. There is no limit to the tests that can be automated with this framework. Dan will also briefly overview how new commands can be added via programming in java. If you plan to use this framework at your company, you will likely need some dev support.

Location: TeylersDate: May 16, 2019Time: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Daniel Schiff