Incrementally Eating the Elephant: Automating Your Test Suite

Building and maintaining test automation is a daunting task for many organizations. Companies with legacy applications often have a significant amount of technical debt around quality and testing, but even startups struggle once they scale beyond a few coders. In addition, functional/UI testing with automated tools is a specialized, high-demand skill, leading to the “throw it over the wall,” separate projects and teams, and “big bang delivery” approaches. But the promise of Agile frameworks – and now DevOps – has always included cross-functional teams, incremental rollout, and a focus on highest-value deliverables first! Join Gary in this session to talk about how you can leverage these ideas and practices with a traditionally big bang, highly-specialized team area like test automation. Learn how to foster teams that understand that quality and test automation are a shared responsibility, not just “the tester’s problem”. In the session you will learn to identify the highest-value parts of a massive test suite and even more importantly, learn how to maintain automated tests in an incremental way.

Location: TeylersDate: May 15, 2019Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am Gary Pedretti