Half Day Tutorial: Value Chain and Process Mapping Techniques for Agile Organizations

Organizations of all size must continuously evolve through strategic process improvements.  Process improvement requires a solid understanding of how teams transform ideas and knowledge into value that a customer can consume.  Value Chain Mapping is a high-level representation of how an organization transforms raw materials into a product and then delivers that product to its customers. Value chains need to be decomposed into process maps to effectively implement agile or scaled agile approaches.  Process maps are a critical step to reduce process burden and to shift quality activities left in agile.

In this tutorial Tom will provide insight to value chain concepts and how to use value chain mapping and process maps to evaluate process and value flow. You will learn what activities add value and those that support delivery within the process. Using a set of metrics, you will be able to identify waste, wait time, and other targets for improvement within your process, which developers, testers and scrum masters can act upon.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define value chain concepts
  • Understand Value Chain Mapping techniques
  • Review the differences between value chain and process maps
  • Introduce a set of measures to evaluate process and value flow
  • Learn the steps need to develop both a value chain and process map

Tutorial Outline:

  • Value Chains
    • Poter maps
    • Defining customers and products
    • Identify what adds value and what support delivery
    • Value chain development exercise
  •  Process Mapping
    • Process mapping concepts
    • Transformation
    • Gemba walk.
    • Measuring transformation, wait time, and work in progress
    • Other Measures
    • Process mapping concepts
    • Process mapping exercise
  • Experimentation in Process Flow
    • Using process maps to identify process experiments
    • Experimentation in a business environment

Location: FieldDate: May 14, 2019Time: 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm Tom Cagley