Half Day Tutorial: Software Quality Metrics For Agile

When implementing software quality metrics, we need to first understand the purpose of the metric, who will be using it, and what decisions will be made based on it. Will the metric illustrate the level of quality in software products, or drive towards a specific objective? QA managers typically want to deliver productivity metrics to management while management may want to see metrics that support customer or user satisfaction or cost related (ROI) initiatives.  With Agile development methods, we often lose sight that our primary objective is the same, quality. Many organizations are myopic on the objective of velocity. However, velocity means little without quality. You need to define quality for your organization through an agile looking glass with intermediate metrics that lead to both quality and velocity objectives. Join this tutorial to learn how to develop and implement software metrics with actions toward improving both quality and velocity. You will gain insight on how to develop and use metrics within an Agile framework that can be used throughout your development and QA organization. More importantly, you will be able to answer the key questions of your stakeholders and get them to stand up straight and pay attention to software quality.


Learning Objectives:

  • How to connect your metrics with agile related objectives to ensure your agile process is on track.
  • How to develop a measurement framework that measures not only typical test results such as defects, but processes and functions and their alignment with your agile objectives.
  • How to include measurements, metrics, objectives, questions and answers (for your stakeholders) to see if they really want to be agile or are just talking.
  • How to use metrics to not only evaluate, but also predict what could go wrong in your agile process.


Tutorial Outline:

Module 1: Back to Basics

  • What metrics can and cannot do/show us
  • How metrics help us
  • Measurements
  • Metrics
  • Indicators
  • Questions
  • Answers and objectives


Module 2: Developing and Connecting the Framework for your Agile Process

  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Connecting questions with answers
  • Relating answers with metrics
  • Developing evaluation, prediction, and action based on indicators
  • Making a framework to drive towards quality rather than speed
  • Components of your framework
  • Connecting the Agile process into the framework
  • Connecting people/organization into the framework


Module 3: Applying Metrics within a Agile Quality Model

  • Defining a quality model within the agile framework
  • Where do metrics fit in quality models
  • Developing a Agile quality model
  • Connecting the metrics with quality and the end customer

Location: Guggenheim 1Date: May 14, 2019Time: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm Philip Lew