Full Day Class: Managing Testing Risks in an Agile and Rapid World

Risk management is a key component of doing business in any industry. If a business manager neglects risk management when running an amusement park, the results could be catastrophic. Similarly, financial managers must be keenly aware of the risks to financial assets and must take steps to minimize the downside. But what about testing managers and leads? What risks are associated with managing the test portion of a software development project and how can they be minimized?

This course addresses risk management approach tailored for testing managers and test leads. It provides the necessary approaches, techniques and tools to manage the testing project to ensure that risks which can potentially derail your project are known and effective mitigation strategies are in place to address the harmful events.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore standard definitions and approaches for risk
  • Delve into testing-specific checklists designed to assess risks relative to testing projects
  • Explore how to utilize methods for analyzing and managing risks
  • Review methods for taking the output of a test project risk assessment and utilizing an effective approach to manage the testing project
  • Explore effective measurement and reporting techniques to provide relevant test project status

Class Outline

  • Risk and Software Management
    • Testing in the real world
    • Risk definition and perception
    • Risk and software projects
    • Why Risk Based Test Management?
  • Risk Management Process: Risk Identification
    • Approaches
    • Tools and checklists
    • Risk Identification outcomes
  • Risk Management Process: Getting Risk Analysis Right
    • Probability analysis
    • Impact Analysis
    • Exposure
  • Risk Management Process: Response Planning
    • Mitigation for Process Risk
    • Risk Response Solutions for Product Risks
    • Risk Monitoring and Control
    • Monitoring Project Risks
    • Risk Based Reporting
    • Risk Based Measures
    • Implementing Risk Test Management

Location: Guggenheim 1Date: May 13, 2019Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Clyneice Chaney