Full Day Class: Essential Patterns of Successful Agile Transformations

The very title of this class is meant to challenge your preconceptions. Many prefer terms like adoption, migration, or business agility shift. However, successful implementations of shift-left testing within agile requires a transformation to occur at multiple levels and goes beyond mere implementation of testing within time-boxed sprints, attending daily standups, and reviewing product backlogs. This class was created because so many organizations struggle with effectively integrating testing within agile approaches. Join Shaun as we explore critical patterns for transformations including identifying an agile champion for testing, adding test leaders within the Agile Transformation Team, and how to communicate the WHY behind testing transformation. We’ll also explore some of the organizational challenges that you’ll have to overcome. Finally, we’ll review the role leadership plays in safety, culture, modeling, and generally guiding the transformation journey. You’ll leave this class with ideas around how testing can be incorporated into an effective transformation backlog that you can immediately start executing for your own agile testing transformations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the activities required to initiate a successful agile testing transformation
  • Determine who needs to be part of the transformation team
  • Create a backlog of testing transformation “stories” for the transformation team to utilize throughout the transition
  • Review key strategic and tactical patterns necessary to get your organization moving in the “right direction”
  • Discuss the 4 quadrants of agile metrics that your organization should track to gauge overall progress along the quality and agile continuum
  • Review key cultural patterns that must be in place to make the transition successful

Class Outline:

  • Create an Agile Testing Transformation Backlog
    • Backlog Strategy
    • Story Format
    • Exercise: Opening Moves
  • Key Strategic and Tactical Patterns of Success
    • Leadership
    • Transformation Team
    • WHY?
    • Adoption
    • Breaking the Test Organization
    • Organizational Realignment
    • Measurement
    • Exercise: Agile Measurement
    • HR
    • Assessment
    • Exercise: Middle Game
  • Key Cultural Patterns of Success
    • Eat Your Own Dog Food
    • Empty Your Cup
    • Trust
    • Swarm to the Top
    • Whole Team QA Ownership
    • Simplify
    • Embrace Chaos
    • Exercise: End Game

Location: FieldDate: May 13, 2019Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Shaun Bradshaw