From Robotium to Appium: Choose your Journey

Mobile Testing is challenging. It combines a complexity of testing web applications and native mobile applications which run on different mobile operating systems. In other words, Mobile User Interface testing is often twice as involved as regular web application testing. The result is high demand for reliable UI testing in the mobile domain and the creation of many UI test frameworks. In the open source community, two projects are responsible for majority of UI testing: Robotium and Appium. Join Dmitry Vinnik as he takes you on a journey of UI testing starting with introduction of Robotium and its main principles, and later moving on to Appium while highlighting why one would choose Robotium over Appium and vice versa. Ultimately, you should be able to make a choice of what UI test framework is the most applicable to your use case. Dmitry’s session will involve a demonstration of basic and advanced functionalities of Robotium and Appium using Java. In conclusion, TestObject and Firebase will be used to demonstrate how both frameworks can be scaled with the cloud as a testing ground.

Location: PradoDate: May 15, 2019Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Dmitry Vinnik