Driving Enterprise Quality with Data

Intuition, judgement and past experience are no longer enough to make decisions in this world of Big Data, advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning.   Embark on data-based decision making to stay competitive and relevant. We need to continuously cross check & correct our traditional wisdom with the context that facts and data reveals. Join Mike Baldwin as he discusses the key areas of decision making from enterprise software quality perspective. He will suggest strategies for capturing and analyzing data, applying resulting knowledge to make decisions and take actions. Mike will cover advanced analytics and data-based decision making in areas including but not limited to test suite/library optimization, ROI based investment in tools and automation, continuous measurement and improvement of testing efficiencies, defect analysis, quality and speed to market. Mike will provide examples of how advanced data analytics are used and data-based decisions made in his organization in areas including defects, test cases, and test automation.

Location: MetropolitanDate: May 16, 2019Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm Michael Baldwin