A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Metrics with a Punch!

High defect rates, tight timelines, multiple unplanned test cycles, swelling costs – and bus tire treads running across your chest!  More often than not, QA is the focal point when such things go awry during a project or after go-live.  Feedback that QA costs are too high, the team is inefficient (or worse yet, not adding value), or production and UAT defects reported are always perceived as a “QA miss” can be constant unless you develop a thick skin, it can get to you over time. Join Elizabeth’s workshop as she shows you how leveraging metrics – both process and product can effectively and objectively communicate the state of affairs with respect to the QA team’s effectiveness as well as show product quality trends and opportunities for improvement across development, QA, UAT, and project management teams.  You may be surprised that you can also get what you need – budget, resources, and time simply by leveraging the data you already have at hand.  Get the message across that will spur positive, collaborative action and help obtain the required investment from leadership in order to achieve the continuous improvement goals the organization demands of your QA team.  Show your QA team value in a one-stop-shop dashboard and let the numbers speak for themselves!

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to determine what metrics make sense for your particular challenges
  • See real life examples of simple metrics that are easy to collect and can change the way QA is perceived
  • How to use data and metrics to show ROI in a meaningful way

Location: FieldDate: May 15, 2019Time: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Elizabeth Wisdom