The Change Effect: Change the Mind, Change the Behavior

It can be very difficult for testers to transition to Agile after many years using a Waterfall methodology. What impact does this have on the team’s view of quality and how do you address it? Do people truly believe that EVERYONE is responsible for quality? The shift in mindset needed to change the perspective of quality requires careful planning to implement. People’s behavior must change to get them to ACT differently instead of just TALKING differently. Join Yolonda and Candace as they share detailed insights into the transition process. They will describe how they addressed the challenge by ensuring people had an understanding of what a quality mindset is. To help with understanding, they used scenarios from real life work situations to show how a person with a quality mindset would have behaved differently in a specific situation. Yolanda and Candace will highlight the importance of an effective organizational change management plan as key to transitioning to Agile as well as any other change in an organization. The key to doing things differently is getting people to see what needs to change, the benefit of the change, what’s in it for them, and how they will get there. Individuals have to change in order for there to be organizational change.

Learning Objectives:

  • Tips to help change the way people view quality
  • Steps needed to effectively implement change
  • How to help traditional testers in Waterfall transition to Agile

Location: MetropolitanDate: May 16, 2019Time: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Yolonda Kennedy Candace Rountree