One and Two Day Courses

Maximize your QUEST 2019 experience by starting the week with in-depth, expert-led classes in a range of focus areas.


Entire lineup of QUEST Monday Classes will be announced in November.


Full-Day Classes:

  • Full-Day Class Track 1 – TBA
  • Full-Day Class Track 2 – TBA
  • Full-Day Class Track 3 – TBA
  • Full-Day Class Track 4 – TBA
  • Full-Day Class Track 5 – TBA

Two-Day Certification Prep Courses:

Half-Day Tutorials:

$ave a bundle with a Bundle!

You can register for a QUEST one day or two day course or bundle the class with the three day QUEST Conference and Expo to save BIG BUCKS on the five day package. See the pricing page for significant savings!