Costa Avradopoulos

Costa is a recognized thought leader with over 25 years of experience in software development, from requirements to delivery and process engineering. His former roles include Developer, Tester, Automation Engineer, QA Director, Product Manager, and CTO. He has been responsible for systems of over 100 million users, in verticals such as Telecommunications, Financial Services, Wireless, Transportation, DSD, Digital Imaging, Media & Entertainment, and Retail. A visionary innovator, Costa has devoted much of his career to mobility, culminating with a breakthrough invention, a patented mobile technology.  Costa is a frequent speaker and is writing a book due to be published soon, titled “Winning Mobile Strategies – Bridging the Quality Gap”.  Costa is currently CEO of Avracom and formerly the Mobile Testing Practice Leader for Capgemini. Costa is certified Six Sigma and TPI.

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