The Three Amigo’s Role in Agile

The Three Amigo’s is a technique that leverages the product owner, lead tech and lead tester to groom work in Agile. The technique has gained fame by bringing the idea of Ron Jefferies 3 C’s; card, conversation, and confirmation together at the sprint level. The three amigo’s work together to break down work, groom user stories and develop acceptance criteria creating well-formed user stories that help guide the delivery of value. The technique can be used over the whole Agile. The presentation will discuss experiences of using the three amigos for sprints, releases or even program increments. The three amigos technique is more than locking three people in the closet and expecting magic but rather a disciplined approach that makes sure user stories are more than just persona, goal, and benefit. The Three Amigos is not just a mediocre 1986 comedy but a power that engages testing with coders and product owners.

Location: Pecan Date: May 23, 2018 Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm Tom Cagley