The Future of API Testing: Trends and How to Propel Your Testing

If APIs are the new business logic for organizations, then API testing is the future of QA. API testing is poised to overtake other forms of testing within the next five years. Technology is increasingly complex with IoT, security, cloud, web devices, and the need for integration. Most testing organizations with a heavy investment in functional automation and manual testing are not prepared for this shift. In this presentation, Rajeev will offer real-world, usable information on API testing to propel your growth in API testing capabilities. You’ll learn why API testing is a more cost-effective way of achieving comprehensive test coverage in less time. By adding API testing to your QA processes, you can improve the quality, security, performance and stability of software and increase the speed to market within Agile/CD/DevOps. Rajeev will explain how to identify ideal scenarios for API testing to achieve the best ROI and test coverage. QA is changing and this is your call to action.

Location: Frio Date: May 24, 2018 Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am Rajeev Rai