Manager’s Solutions Workshop – WORKSHOP FULL

This two-day Manager’s Solutions Workshop is an exclusive event for managers during QUEST 2018 in San Antonio.

The Manager’s Solutions Workshop is now full and registration is closed.

The Manager’s Solutions Workshop focuses on the top challenges facing managers in building, testing, and delivering quality software applications and products in today’s fast-paced and demanding environment. This intense and interactive workshop provides a unique opportunity for managers to learn from the QAI Global Institute’s professional staff and industry leaders and to develop solutions with their peers from other companies. Each attendee will have the opportunity to have their specific challenges and concerns addressed during the workshop. An example of some of the challenges that have been addressed in past Manager’s Solutions Workshops include:

  • Proving the value of software quality and testing
  • Transitioning to Agile
  • Defining quality and testing metrics
  • Improving the software testing process
  • Building quality in throughout the software development process
  • Making test automation work
  • Establishing a testing center of excellence
  • Estimating the testing effort
  • Improving requirements
  • Building effective teams

Why Attend

QAI Global Institute’s studies show that if an IT organization forms an internal team to develop a solution to a current challenge, the cost to the organization can range from $10,000 to $50,000. By attending the Manager’s Solutions Workshop you will get solutions to your work challenges at a fraction of this cost, plus connect with peers who can be contacted for advice in the future.

Workshop Format

Prior to the Manager’s Solutions Workshop, participants complete a survey about their current challenges. These challenges are consolidated into a list of potential topics, which are ranked in order of importance to the workshop participants. Four to six challenges become the agenda for the workshop.

Each challenge is introduced to the workshop participants, who then break into small work groups. Using the QAI Global Institute’s problem-solving approach, the work groups define the challenge and develop potential solutions based on their collective experiences and shared knowledge. Each group selects one of their potential solutions and defines “how to” tactics for the solution. Each group presents their proposed best solution which is critiqued by the workshop’s leaders and guest industry experts. Additional time is spent by the guest industry thought leaders to share their solutions and answer specific questions from the workshop participants. All workshop participants are given opportunities throughout the workshop to bring their specific challenge before the group to ask for friendly group advice. Participants will leave the workshop with a series of potential solutions to today’s quality challenges.

Connections Dinner

In addition to the two-days interactive workshop, participants will also have the opportunity to attend the Manager’s Connection Dinner. This evening will provide the workshop attendees a chance to discuss the topics and related quality issues in a more relaxed setting, and provides an ideal opportunity for networking with peers and exchanging ideas.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for managers responsible for the building, testing, and delivering quality software applications within their companies or software products for the marketplace. Persons who would benefit the most from attending the Manager’s Workshop are those holding positions of, or similar to:

  • IT/IS Vice Presidents and Directors
  • Quality Managers
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Testing Managers
  • Project Managers

An example of some of the challenges that have been addressed in past Manager’s Solutions Workshops include:

Agile Testing

  • How is testing on an Agile project different?
  • How do I help my testing team transition to Agile?
  • What is the role of a test manager and lead in Agile?
  • How can Agile be used with distributed teams?

Test Management

  • How do I estimate the testing effort?
  • How do I test under time constraints and resource limitations?
  • How do I effectively manage offshore and onshore testing teams?


  • What should I measure? What are the key metrics?
  • How do I measure the value of testing?
  • How do I capture baselines and analyze the metrics formulas?


  • How do I improve the clarity and completeness of requirements?
  • How can scope creep and changes to requirements be controlled?

Risk-Based Testing

  • How do I apply risk-based testing to projects?
  • How do I determine test coverage and prioritize test suites using risk-based testing?

Test Automation

  • What should be my test automation strategy and how do I get started?
  • How do I prove the value of test automation?
  • How do I select the right test automation tool?
  • What resources and skills do I need for test automation?

Process Improvement

  • How do I improve testing practices while lacked focused dedicated resources?
  • How do I achieve consistency across test teams?
  • How do I get buy-in and acceptance to change?

Manager’s Solutions Workshop
Location: Chula Vista Date: May 22, 2018 Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Shaun Bradshaw Lynn McKee Bob Crews Nancy Kastl Randy Rice