Full Day Class: Making Test Automation Live Up to Its Promises

Why are many organizations struggling, and often failing, in their efforts to implement an effective automation process? When implementing test automation why is the test case analyzed and the test requirements ignored?  Why do organizations base their automated processes on manual tests?  How must the test automation strategy differ in an Agile or Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery environment?

This highly-interactive class will present “tried and true” implementation strategies covering both methodologies and technical tips and techniques (regardless of the automation solution you are using).   An overview of strategic frameworks for Agile/DevOps and Waterfall disciplines will be presented.  You will learn an approach utilizing Requirements Based Testing and Risk Based Analysis which will significantly increase your effectiveness in implementing test automation.  This class will present pseudo-code design and real-world framework examples designed to decrease automated test development cycles and increase the value of test automation.

Learning objectives:

  • How can the value of test automation be accurately measured?
  • The most common reasons for failure when implementing test automation?
  • How does the design of a test case impact automation?
  • Code design techniques for more efficient and effective automated processes
  • When is a test automation framework essential?
  • Immediate action items for quick wins with automation

 Class Outline:

  • Test Automation Overview
    • Value
    • Limitations
    • Challenges
  • Testing Basics as They Pertain to Automation
    • Types of Testing
    • Forms of Testing
    • Testing Methodologies
  • Test Automation Strategies
    • Requirements Based
    • Business Process Components
    • Frameworks
  • Techniques to Increase Automation Effectiveness
    • Automation Assessments
    • Risk Analysis
    • Immediate Quick Wins

Location: Llano Date: May 21, 2018 Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Bob Crews