Full Day Class: Essential Patterns of Mature Agile Testers

Testing in agile teams is still one of the great mysteries of the agile world. In many organizations, testers are sort of marginalized or the testing is relegated to the developers. In others, the testers are active, but rarely understand or reach the full breadth and depth of their role.

In this class, we’re going to explore the practices and mindset of “fully empowered” agile testers on high-performance agile teams. Jason Schreuder will share with you real world tactics that will help you guide your team towards higher performance. For example, we’ll explore defect management, test planning, documentation, test development & execution in agile contexts. We’ll also look at different testing strategies covering risk-based, automated, exploratory, and other manual testing practices. But beyond all of that, Jason will leave you fully armed with an agile testing mindset that will focus on whole team collaboration, respect, and results.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review how testing is different in agile contexts vs. traditional testing
  • Explore the characteristics of strong agile testers
  • Delve into patterns of effective agile testers and test teams that can be modeled in other organizations
  • Review cautionary tells of anti-patterns that slip in from traditional testing
  • Introduce the 3-Pillars model for guiding agile quality and testing transformations

Class Outline:

  • Doing vs Being Agile
    • Where does the team put there focus?
    • What does “being” agile feel like?
  • Play the Pizza Game – Entry / Start-Up Strategy
    • Debrief, what were the key aspects of a self-directed, x-functional team?
    • Bring that around to leading agile team testers – what does it “look like”?
  • Agile Testing vs Traditional Testing
    • Exercise: The Agile Tester’s Mindset
  • 13 Patterns
    • Ruthless KISS
    • Swarm to the Top
    • Whole Team QA Ownership
    • Quality on ALL Fronts
    • Active Done-ness
    • Communicate Early and Often
    • Continuously Engage the PO
    • Build Trust with the Developers
    • Test Case Failures – What if its not a bug?
    • Agile Test Automation – aka Flip the Triangle
    • Continuous Learning
    • Yes, There is Planning in Agile
    • Metrics (What to Measure?)

Location: Blanco Date: May 21, 2018 Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Jason Schreuder