Building Your Credibility as a Test Leader

Software test leaders and managers are often the people who report test findings to others in an organization. Inaccurate or exaggerated information can cause an erosion of credibility that sometimes extends to the entire test team. The bottom line is that if people don’t find you to be credible as a test leader, they will have little or no trust in the information you provide. In this session, Randall will explore the nature of credibility and how it is built over time. He will discuss the situation where you may need “instant” credibility, in addition to restoring lost credibility and trust. You will learn how to assess your team’s credibility level and how to add value to the information you provide by being seen as a trusted, credible source. You will also learn how credibility can be lost, so you can avoid those situations.

Location: Live Oak Date: May 24, 2018 Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am Randy Rice