Bridging the UAT Gap

Software development process improvements have focused on making teams more efficient and self-reliant. The product owner is the single voice of the business, testers shift their activities left, and developers continuously deploy code. With these process changes, the traditional purpose and timing of user acceptance testing (UAT) is misaligned. UAT is still performed at the end, disconnects from user stories/requirements, repeats QA testing, and is disorganized. In this session, Paul will re-align UAT within today’s development processes. First, he will remove ‘testing’ out of UAT to focus limited business resources on evaluating ‘readiness’ to accept the software into internal business or external customer activities. Next, he will close the disconnect between user stories/requirements and business artifacts which are critical for business acceptance. Lastly, Paul will explain how user acceptance activities can also shift left, be better organized, and avoid redundancy through collaboration with QA processes and tools. You’ll bring a new re-imagined UAT back to your organization.

Location: Frio Date: May 24, 2018 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Paul Herzog