Expo Talks

Expo Talks on Wednesday and Thursday from 1:15 to 1:45

If you are looking to learn more about specific products and services showcased by EXPO exhibitors, then the EXPO Talks are designed for you! Starting on Wednesday afternoon and ending with the EXPO Reception, these Talks are short 30-minute sessions featuring innovative product demos or service presentations. You will have the chance to talk with exhibitor representatives and have your questions answered away from the busy EXPO booths. The EXPO Talks are a convenient one-stop-shopping to learn the latest about products and services.

EXPO Talks on Wednesday 1:15 – 1:45


Quality is a Team Sport

Sohail Haque, Zephyr
As teams “shift left,” organizations increasingly resemble software development shops with team members assuming some degree of responsibility for software development. Employees across departments have a role in ensuring the quality of products developed. The role of QA teams is evolving beyond testing. Quality is now a strategic activity requiring dedicated tools and analytics. “User experience” is no longer a luxury, but one with dire implications for financial outcomes. Without a blueprint, leadership and workforces alike struggle to harness this new “normal”. Zephyr takes an informed look at this modern reality, outlining the new best practices, and offering game-changing suggestions for making quality a team sport.


Fake Data? Using Data and Results to Drive Decisions

Richard Faulise, tap|QA
With all the open source tools available on the market it can be overwhelming as to which ones might meet your needs and which ones will work best in your environment. Join Rick as he explains the relationship of the DevOps cycle, your environment, and how a hub and spoke model can link your different data sets and tools together. He identifies opportunities for applying test data analytics, ranging from high-value test cases to dynamically generated regression test suites. Rick provides tips to improve your skillset—and your mindset—so you will eagerly embrace the application of test data analytics in your test engineering practices for your organizations.


Performing an Automation Assessment with Risk Based Analysis

Bob Crews, Checkpoint Technologies
The complexities of software testing are increasing significantly as new technologies emerge, applications evolve, and users become more astute! The quantity of test conditions and test cases can make the process of testing overwhelming. Including test automation as part of your strategy can improve your testing process but you’re then faced with what, and when, to automate. Utilizing a strategic assessment combined with risk analysis will address these questions and assist in focusing your automation efforts. Join Checkpoint Technologies’ Bob Crews, test automation expert with 29 years QA and testing experience, to gain insight to enable your organization to perform its own automation assessment with risk analysis!


Continuous Testing Made Awesome

Ken Drachnik, Sauce Labs
Join Ken Drachnik, Director of Product Marketing at Sauce Labs, as he shows how the Sauce Labs platform can help you continuously test your web and mobile applications, ensuring no-fail releases to keep your customers happy and freeing up your teams for more innovative development, all the while decreasing the time and money you spend on infrastructure. Ken will discuss how Continuous Testing can help your team truly achieve modern development workflows, give a complete demo of the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud, and answer all your questions about the future of this exciting space!


All About Appium: What You Need to Know

Jamie Moore, Mobile Labs
Lately it seems that enterprise mobility teams cannot get enough of Appium. No matter where mobile testing and QA professionals are in their journey using Appium, it is evident that there is something that has captured the attention of the industry. Whether you already test with Appium, or are considering getting started, there are a few things enterprise mobility teams should be aware of when leveraging Appium for testing. Join Mobile Labs’ Jamie Moore for a presentation and discover how Appium compares to other testing tools, strategies to overcome some of the most common Appium challenges, and ways to get the most out of Appium by leveraging a mobile device cloud.


EXPO Talks on Thursday from 1:15 – 1:45


X-Ray Vision into your Software

Bill Dickenson, CAST
Take a leap into the fantastic voyage towards software health! Find out what’s lurking inside the code that runs your business. Bill Dickenson will show how software intelligence into your applications can prevent critical business disruptions. Specifically, Bill will describe how using software intelligence, like x-ray vision, can help you find the hidden problems and defects that cause your business serious issues, from security to velocity. With a few simple changes, learn how you can improve your application’s vitality and longevity without breaking your budget.


Accessing On Demand Test Data to Unlock Testing Productivity

Brian Bent, Delphix
Applications are the new competitive battleground, placing pressure on IT to deliver new releases to the business faster. While firms attempt to transform themselves through cloud, mobile and IoT, many fail to address the largest constraint which is data. To improve business agility, companies are looking for ways to quickly and efficiently secure and deliver data to application teams. Join Brian Bent to learn why data represents the most significant bottleneck in the SDLC. You’ll gain insight on how to use secured on demand data to boost testing productivity and how Stubhub, Vertex, and Fannie Mae use on demand data to shift left test.


Your Path to Promotion with Visual AI

James Lamberti, Applitools
We know – you’re sick of hearing about AI – but what if you could harness it to plot a new course for your career? Get yourself a raise and promotion? Have recruiters calling you with attractive new job opportunities? AI is here. It’s not a vision for the future. It’s not science fiction. But AI needs people. AI is a technology allowing an evolution of the manual testing role to a new career path. It’s time for manual testers to step out from the back room and into the limelight. In this talk you will learn how to prove your ROI, leverage technology to your advantage, and learn best practices to getting started with Visual AI.


Performance Test from your Browser

Guillaume Betaillouloux, OctoPerf
Discover how you can test any web application directly from your browser with the same level of features you are used to having in legacy tools. From correlations to SLAs, OctoPerf provides a shorter path to realistic results. Import from JMeter or start over using your browser to capture. Combine this with a free monitoring engine and automatic startup of cloud instances to match your load policy and you will have a lot more time to spend analyzing reports. Speaking of which, live reports are entirely configurable and can be stored and compared between builds.


Unlock Hidden Potential from Manual Tests by Adding Artificial Intelligence to API Testing

Chris Colosimo, Parasoft
API testing is hard, so testers have historically focused on UI testing, even though API testing more precisely pinpoints defects, is easier to automate, and is more resistant to application change. To lower the technical skills required for API testing, Parasoft has introduced artificial intelligence into its API testing solution, Parasoft SOAtest, which magically converts UI tests into automated, scalable API tests for a comprehensive testing strategy. Join Chris and learn how to automatically create API tests without UI or API knowledge, convert manual tests into API test cases with assertions and validations, and leverage SOAtest to build intelligent scenario tests for more application logic coverage.

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