Evolving from Automated to Continuous Testing for Agile and DevOps

As Agile and DevOps adoption increases, organizations have an opportunity to accelerate software delivery. However, when you speed up any process, immature practice areas and roadblocks become much more pronounced. Accelerating any business process, exposes systemic constraints that shackle the entire organization to its slowest moving component.  The most significant barrier to taking full advantage of iterative development is testing! When automated executes your accumulated tests, it’s important to know what it really means when one of these tests fails. Does it indicate a critical business risk, or just a violation of some naming standard that nobody is really committed to following anyway? Join Arthur to learn how to create or fine-tune your automation tests to protect your current user experience from the impact of changes while still enabling the velocity of business change.

Key Learning Points

  • Clearly define business expectations with business risks identified
  • Automatically prioritize defects using the business drivers and understand how to mitigate those risks
  • Test in complete test environments continuously using simulation

Location: Date: April 6, 2017 Time: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Arthur Hicken