QUEST Conference Keynote Presentations

Michael Mah QAI QUEST Software Quality Conference 2017 Chicago

Beyond Quality and Productivity: When Teams Reach Self-Actualization, They Can Change the World

According to latest research by QSM Associates, data from modern methods such as Agile are bringing a quality focus that truly is transformative. In recent studies, some teams have been able to drive quality to new heights, while simultaneously accelerating development schedules by as much as 30% to 50%. But what if productivity, quality, and velocity alone aren’t enough? What’s next for software teams to up their game? What’s beyond for cutting-edge thinkers? Can we change the world? Software teams can learn from others not directly engaged in software. What are the dynamics of the best companies driving market share that we can apply to software? What can software teams learn about high-performance from direct action conservation movements? In his talk, Michael Mah will share his experience and insightful lessons learned about teams from being a member of a high-profile Sea Shepherd Conservation Society team on a multi-year international campaign. Sea Shepherd is the star of the Animal Planet TV Series, “Whale Wars,” which tells the story of a volunteer fleet chasing illegal pirate whale hunting ships in the Antarctic Southern Ocean. Michael will demonstrate how we can apply the dedication of Sea Shepherd and the work of renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow and his “Hierarchy of Needs” to build self-actualizing teams that are making a difference within their teams, companies, and even the world.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding how productivity, quality and velocity are not enough to be competitive and transformative in today’s digital world
  • Looking outside of the software industry to gain insights to the dimensions of high-performance teams
  • Learning how self-actualizing teams can achieve transformative change

Greg Brown QAI QUEST Software Quality Conference 2017 Chicago

Change is Not a Dirty Word: 5 Strategies to Increase your Effectiveness during Change

Most change models don’t address how to increase our capacity to handle change. Resilience does. Resilience is the ability to remain productive, particularly during change. Research has shown that resilience can be learned. We don’t need to be born with it! In today’s projectized world of large scale change, our ability to display resilience is a critical element of success. Successful people channel the energy of change to assist their teams and their organizations in achieving better outcomes. The key for us is to develop our ability to be strategic and not reactive!

At this keynote you will learn:

  • How to use brain science to help you and your colleagues during change
  • Practical skills to become more strategic to respond to change
  • Five actionable strategies to help you and your colleagues be resilient

Conor Cunneen QAI QUEST Software Quality Conference 2017 Chicago

Making a Difference through the Gift of GAB: Goals, Attitude and Behavior

Conor’s presentation on Making a Difference through the Gift of GAB (Goals, Attitude, Behavior) will have you learning and laughing and leaving with a smile on your face, a spring in the step AND implementable, memorable ideas on Goals, Attitude, Behavior to help you Make a Difference at work, home or play. Conor In a highly informative and interactive presentation, Conor will show how everyone can have the Gift of GAB and how the Gift of GAB can impact every environment in a positive manner. GAB is an acronym for Goals, Attitude, Behavior. Beginning with Goals, Conor will provide insight to how successful people have a vision as a roadmap and set Goals in their work and personal life to have a positive impact on their environment and generate results. He will illustrate how Attitude IS a choice at all times. Poor Attitude is like cholesterol and clogs the system. Good Attitude provides the oxygen for a good environment. Lastly, Conor will explain the importance of your personal Brand and how your Behavior creates your Brand and what people say about you. Your Behavior together with your Attitude creates your work and personal environments. Through GAB, you CAN be the person making a difference in your environment. Participants will learn through powerful examples, storytelling and more than a dash of humor that will ensure education, energy and an improved work environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learning how successful people have clear Goals and vision that have positive impact on their work and personal life
  • Understanding the choices about Attitude and the benefits of a good Attitude
  • Gaining insight to how your Behavior creates your personal Brand