hs_David-Dang David Dang

David Dang, VP of Automated Solutions for Zenergy Technologies, has been a leading figure in the test automation industry for over seventeen years. David spearheads test automation for Zenergy by developing advanced frameworks that emphasize reusability and reduce maintenance efforts. David is an expert in commercial automation tools including HP’s UFT and IBM’s RFT as well as open-source toolsets such as Selenium and Jenkins. On the mobile front, David uses advanced concepts to design optimal frameworks using mobile automation toolsets including Perfecto and Appium. He is a featured speaker on test automation and related topics at local and national QA and Testing conferences including Quality Assurance Institute (QAI), StarEast, STP Con, PSQT, and TISQA. David received his BS in Management Information Systems and BA in Psychology from the University of Buffalo.

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