Business Case for Software Testing and QA Operations

Too often companies try to ‘test-in’ quality at the end of the development life cycle rather than shifting quality left. The holistic view of Quality is ignored. The Application Testing Services Blueprint Report published by HfS Research Ltd. in August of 2015 states under ‘Trends in Application Testing’ that “the testing community has to overcome its focus on tools and technology [and] it has to speak the language of C-level executives and work around the strategic business imperatives.” In this talk Bernd shows how to create a compelling and convincing test service business case. Assume you only have 15 minutes to talk to the CIO, SVP or VP of IT to make your case. Join Bernd to make your case for your future!

Learning Objectives:

  • Use a business case to centralize quality-related activities and improving overall software testing maturity
  • Translate high-level IT business parameters to specific value lever calculations related to three key business case dimensions: Quality, Productivity and Effort/Cost
  • Review a case study related to a business case value proposition that yielded an estimated annual savings per year of up to $4.1MM through enterprise-wide increase of test automation coverage – as one of the identified levers

Location: Date: April 21, 2016 Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm hs_Bernd-Haber Bernd Haber