Security Testing Scripts for the non-Hacker: Straight from the Security Pro’s Handbook!

Do you feel unsure about web application security? Are you not an expert but still responsible for application security? This session will arm the participant with a guide to test web applications for common security threats that can be tested without a deep knowledge of “hacker” type tools. A usable takeaway checklist with test scripts that the non-hacker can use to give applications a good security review is provided.   “Hacker-esque” tools to do some additional security testing are identified and demonstrated. Join Glenn and become an ‘ethical’ hacker of your own web applications.

Learning Objectives:

  • Security testing procedures for websites that do not require deep security knowledge or tools
  • Understand the difference between manual security testing and security-expert penetration testing
  • Employ “easy to use” security testing tools to assess web applications

Location: Date: April 21, 2016 Time: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm hs_Dr-Glenn-Stout Dr. Glenn Stout