Risk Based Testing at the Enterprise Level

The test organization of an enterprise has unlimited resources at its disposal in order to test all applications used by this enterprise. This is the dream world of QA organizations around the globe. In reality there is no such thing as unlimited resources for any given QA organization as it is true for all organizations within an enterprise. The enterprise, thus the QA organization, has to prioritize its resources in order to maximize the benefits of the invested effort. In order to do so we need to apply a prioritization method to identify the applications the most critical as these will be the ones the most effort should be spend on. Risk based testing at the enterprise level tries exactly that and gives the QA organization the method to utilize its resources where they are needed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Risk based testing does not only happen within a project but at the enterprise level. The participants will learn the different risk types on this level
  • They will also learn how to further classify risks in order to make educated decisions on the level of testing typically needed for a given application
  • In addition they will learn how to utilize the risk level identified for an application in order to assess the testing needs for a project or change touching this application

Location: Date: April 20, 2016 Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm hs_Bernd-Bornhausen Bernd Bornhausen