Metrics: The Force Awakens

“You cannot improve what you cannot measure.” That statement has led to a proliferation of measure and metrics gather programs throughout history. In software testing, metrics are used frequently to inform stakeholders regarding the quality and/or progress of testing in a project. Many time metrics are presented in visual form in order to tell a compelling story – often to influence decision making. That makes metrics a life force in the universe of quality assurance.

Joseph discusses some common quality assurance and testing metrics and demonstrates how the force can be manipulated for good and evil. For those with ill intent, they will learn how to manipulate the metrics for their own purposes. For those pure of heart, they will learn how to see past the visual and defend against the dark arts.

Join Joseph to determine the best metrics for your needs and how to present them to make your argument. Make sure your antennae are attuned to any inaccurate stories and make sure your metrics are a force for good.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the purpose of metrics
  • Display metrics to tell your story
  • Spot when someone is being told an inaccurate story with metrics

Location: Date: April 21, 2016 Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am hs_JosephOurs Joseph Ours