How to Build a Repeatable Framework for End to End Testing

Can you obtain 100 % quality with no regression using all of your scripting tools? Automating your tests is a big step from doing things manually and that the benefits can be substantial; however, automated test tools are not the ultimate solution. They still leave you with manual tasks that need to be repeated, and those can be tedious and unproductive. Managing these solutions can also be complex, especially if you have to test many applications using several tools. In addition, existing automation solutions rarely deliver on their value or performance claims when used on their own. Join Eric as he shares a case study where the implementation of a framework into a substantial project was instrumental in its success. He discusses how this unique framework turned a critical situation into a success story that was nominated as finalist in the 2014 “Groupe Action TI” annual event in the “Best new business solution” category.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn a new way (framework) to remove all anomalies and regressions
  • Acquire a new innovative outlook at how to use scripting tools
  • Obtain methods to guarantee software development and deployment without any bugs

Location: Date: April 22, 2016 Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am hs__Eric_Chabot Eric Chabot