Faster and Better Mobile Testing with the Cloud

Developers and QA professionals face tough challenges managing mobile devices. Existing tools can force you to tie devices to a single machine. Then you have to pass them around physically when it’s time to share or collaborate. This diminishes team agility and DevOps efficiency in mobility and impacts test coverage. Find out what makes mobile so different than other types of testing in environments and processes. Recapture lost efficiencies using the correct strategy. Use a Private Device Cloud to build and manage your device inventory. Automate your mobile application test cases in order to take full advantage of test automation ROI and include your mobile application testing process within DevOps. Join Jamie to make use of the Cloud and other efficiencies for faster and better mobile testing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Regain team agility by eliminating USB-tethering of devices
  • Acquire DevOps efficiencies by putting your devices under management
  • Learn the wisest places to spend your time

Location: Date: April 20, 2016 Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm hs-Jamie-Moore Jamie Moore